Loft Conversion Specialists

Wouldn’t you love some extra space in your Fulham home? A loft conversion might be just what you need. Believe it or not, right above your head sits oodles of wasted space. What if your dark, lifeless attic could be turned into a bright, attractive living area which you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Loft conversions not only gives you extra space but also offers a lot of other hidden benefits, like greatly increasing the value of your home by around 20%!

Keep reading and we’ll reveal all the ways a loft conversion can benefit you, as well as what you must take care of before getting a loft conversion…

Why Choose Fulham Lofts?

We don’t sing our own praises. We concentrate on creating the perfect living area for you and exceeding your expectations. Our previous loft conversions speak for themselves. 

  • A local business specializing in loft conversion services
  • Free survey and quote
  • A team made up of reliable & honest experts
  • Registered with FairTrades
  • Tailored to meet your loft conversion needs
  • We listen to you and explain our process in your language
  • We give the best value for your money
  • We provide a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind
  • We focus on quality and use only the best products
  • We take care of the entire loft conversion process from planning to completion

Loft Conversion Benefits

Why move to a new home when it‘s quicker and less stressful to move up? This is the affordable solution to gaining the extra space you crave; without the expense of moving. 

Do you dream of an ensuite bedroom?

Want a comfortable guestroom for family and friends?

Work from home and desperately need a home office?

Need a playroom for the kids and all their paraphernalia?

Fancy creating a home theatre or gym?

Thinking of adding an upstairs to your bungalow?

A state-of-the-art loft conversion will reward you with exciting new views from within and enhance your property’s exterior.

This is one of the best home improvements you can undertake. They are generally more affordable than home extensions yet they add greater value. A Fulham loft conversion typically increases the value of your property by around 20%.

Also it makes your home more spacious. A roomy house is highly desirable to potential buyers. This means that you will receive the optimum price for your house when you decide to sell.

We understand your need to make the best investment in your greatest asset.

Why not convert your idle loft into a studio apartment? Renting out a studio apartment is a smart way of generating some additional, new income and enjoying a return on your investment.

Planning permission is something that must be taken care of if needed. The good news is that most of the time it’s not needed. This means that you could be sleeping in your ensuite bedroom within weeks; rather than dreaming about it for years.

We strive to meet your budget, vision and deadline. We will deliver an exceptional finish at the best possible price.

Fulham Lofts have the expertise and experience to create the perfect space to meet your family’s unique needs. Our loft conversions will increase your level of comfort and improve your family’s standard of living.

We are very proud of our work. We would love to show you our success stories. Discover for yourself how we are trusted by BBS and have earned our excellent reputation as the local loft conversion specialist.

Our friendly enthusiastic team will consult with you during every stage of the process. We never forget it is your vision we are creating; from your loft; with your money.

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